Factors affecting safety include engineering, materials, maintenance and technical set-up.

Not only has the Strada Crane been tested on the job hundreds of times but JD Engineering of the United States conducted an extensive Stress/Strength Analysis for the Strada Crane.

In Europe the Strada Crane was tested with one and a half times the recommended nose load on the arm for three days with a result of zero fluctuation in the air.


The Strada Cranes are crafted from the finest aircraft material and cabling.

Maintenance on the cranes is scrupulously performed before and after each job. To ensure the performance and safety, only trained Strada Crane technicians perform set up and operations for every job.

Each technician goes through an extensive training program before becoming a technician. Part of this course consists of proper crane placement, building the crane quickly and safely, understanding remote heads, understanding the mechanics of film cameras and designing shots. Teamwork is essential in every phase of this operation.