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    The Strada Crane breaks down into highly portable elements and is no stranger to being set up in such remote locations as mountain slopes and cruise ships, hoisted on barges, helicoptered down ravines, placed on a frozen lake in the Yukon and on top of a 29-story building. For optimum flexibility, the Strada Crane breaks down into lengths of 85 feet, 72 feet, 58 feet or 45 feet. The cranes’ extraordinary versatility and portability has helped leverage Strada Unlimited into a position of profitability, growth and competitive advantage.


    In 1994, Strada Unlimited created its own niche, focusing its technology on creating unparalleled and innovative panoramic shots. As a result, just one year after its inception, four more Akela Cranes were built making a total of seven by 1996. Strada Unlimited’s technological leadership and customer-driven approach has led to well over 3000 projects world wide in commercials, feature films, sports TV, music videos and concerts. Strada Unlimited continues to integrate itself into the marketplace as a premier producer of the extraordinary through loyal customer relationships of such well known directors as Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese, Michael Bay and James Cameron and DPs such as John Toll ASC, Vilmos Zsigmond ASC, Michael Ballhaus ASC, Haskell Wexler ASC, and Conrad Hall ASC. Building on this foundation, Strada Unlimited took bold, effective steps in 1996 to define and expand into the evolving market in the global environment. Cranes are strategically located in Los Angeles, Portland OR, Atlanta GA, Orlando FL, London, Brussels.

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